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The foundation of lasting success for businesses are SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. The customer experience is therefore crucial importance nowadays.

To assure an excellent performance, businesses should ask themselves:

How can I challenge and encourage my team?

Behind any good customer service stands a motivated and commited team. We support you with useful tools to support and challenge your team.

How does my customer service perform within the industry?

Knowing what the competition does pays off. With our help you are able to gain insights how your customer service performs in comparison with others in your industry.

How do customers experience the customer service in detail?

Every experience of my customers is unique. To know what happens in detail provides profound insights into the quality of the performance.

Where can I improve my service quality?

It is always possible to improve the service quality in a continuous manner. Learn more about which areas within your service can be optimised and which steps you can take to do so.

How can I market and communicate my service excellency?

It is no use to know about one's own excellence if no one else knows about it. Communicate and capitalize on your service quality in- and outwards.

How can I audit my customer service at the best rate?

It is a cost-intensive project to assess your own service perfomance. Independant providers/organisations can help in achieving this plan at the best price.

test 1

at least 2 companies
per category

test 2

225 mystery tests
per company

test 3

testing period of 10 weeks
between May and July

test 4

20 scenarios
pre-Sales, sales, after-sales

test 5

up to 15 criteria
(interpersonal level, quality of information, accessibility)

trophee 2020

1 award winner
per category

140 calls
via phone (50%*)

45 E-Mails
or contact forms (28%*)

15 Web navigations
8 via smartphone or tablet (10%*)

15 Chat

10 Social Media

*Weighting of the final score

What will be assessed?

The 225 mystery inquiries per company include two areas:

Pre-Sales inquiries
(prospective customers)

Payment options
Pick up stations

After-Sales inquiries
(existing customers)

Incorrect invoice
Damage in transit
Tracking of shipment
Return policy

What is specifically included in "Gewählt zum Kundenservice des Jahres"?

140 Calls

Up to 15 criteria (interpersonal level, quality of information, accesssibility).

The mystery client calls the customer service, asks their question, takes note of the answer and hangs up.

In the meantime, they assess the call according to 15 criteria e.g. the waiting time, the courtesy of the agent or the quality of the interaction.

On average, a test via phone lasts 3.5 minutes.

45 E-mail

Assessment according to up to 14 criteria (interpersonal level, quality of information, accessibility, technical quality).

The mystery client contacts the customer service via e-mail or contact form on the homepage. Upon receipt of the answer via e-mail the mystery client assesses according to 14 criteria e.g. response time, technical compatibility, personalisation and the interpersonal quality.

15 Web navigations

Assessment according to up to 13 criteria (ergonomics, accessibility, quality of the interaction, technical quality)
The mystery client browses through the homepage and looks for the answer to their issue in the FAQ section, through the search function or with the help of a virtual assistant. If the tester has an account they will also search the solution in the personal account area. Additionally, more criteria like the name of the company, the information, the functionality, or the legibility will be assessed.

15 Chat inquiries

Assessment according to up to 14 criteria (ergonomy, accessibility, quality of the communication, technical quality, interpersonal level).

The mystery client chats with the agent via chat window if available. Meanwhile, the conversation will be assessed according to 14 criteria like waiting time, responsiveness, personalisation ahnd quality of the interaction.

10 Social media inquiries

Assessment according to up to 14 criteria (interpersonal level, quality of the interaction, availability, ergonomy).

The mystery client contacts the company via social media. Upon receipt of the reply the mystery client assesses according to 14 criteria e.g. response time, accessibility, personalisation, as well as tone and quality of the interaction.

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